On March 12th 2019 my original EP CLOSER was released by Counter Records. 

Photo by André Allen Anjos.

Photo by André Allen Anjos.

  1. Katherine

  2. Makino

  3. Lisa

  4. Peter

Written & Produced by André Allen Anjos.

Cello by Hamilton Berry.

Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound NYC.

It features four songs I wrote for Oregon Ballet Theatre. While it was quite challenging I really enjoyed trying something very different and experimental. There's something freeing about not conforming to traditional song structures and writing something purely emotional. While some might try to quickly categorize this as classical or orchestral, I just think of it as being an expression of who I am. I hope you like it.

Many thanks to in no particular order: Kevin Irving, Katherine Monogue, Makino Hayashi, Lisa Kipp, Peter Franc and the rest of the team at OBT for putting on an incredible event. Joel Mark, Matt Colon, Danny Celis, Eric Johnson and the rest of the team at YM&U. Taryn Haight, Vidhi Gandhi, Adrian Kemp and the rest of the team at Counter Records. Micah Cruver for the music video. Hamilton Berry for the amazing cello, Joe LaPorta for mastering. My better half, Liz Anjos who took me to see my first ballet performances and inspired me to tackle this project.